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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Christmas Orders 2009

All Christmas 2009 orders are now closed.
Other orders for 2010 are now being taken.


  1. Hi,
    My daughter received the book, Fleece Dogs, for Christmas. It came with a kit to make one dog. Now that she has fallen in love with the process, she would like to make more, but we are having a very difficult time finding a place to buy eyes (we live in MA). Any Suggestions?

  2. Hi Patricia, I buy my glass eyes from:
    They are based in SC and are very prompt. Just look under "Glass eyes - wire".
    I'm glad your daughter enjoys needle felting - it can be very addictive! And Fleece Dogs is an excellent book - the one that inspired me also.

  3. I do have another question for you (that is if you don't mind giving away trade secrets). On one of your fleece dogs, there is some of the white part of the eye showing. Was that white fleece you added, or part of the eye? Our dog Roxie has very soulful eyes (often looking up at us with those big browns and exposing the whites of her eyes) and I was hoping we could replicate this. If you choose to keep your techniques to yourself, I certainly understand.

  4. No trade secrets here Patricia!
    I think you mean the black lab?
    I just added white wool. I don't have the eyes with the whites, so that was the best way to duplicate the soulful eye thing. LOL I guess I could have used a bit of white paint and applied it to the eye, but that would change the shape of the eye too much.


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