Handmade Needle Felt Pets

Friday, 26 December 2008

More Christmas FeltPets

Sam the Cav'.

Sophie the Whippet.

Christmas FeltPets

Sophie the Chow.

Sprite the long haired cat.

and Rabbit the tabby.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Friday, 12 December 2008

Australian Cattle Dog x Koolie

Dakota was quite the challenge with such a complex coat, plus the coloured embellishments!

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

This is Shaemus.


Ziggy is actually black (although with a bit of salt and pepper in her older age) however, going on the photo below, I erred on the side of brown. Even though everyone knows that Puli's are usually black, rusty-black, white and various shades of grey and apricot, and not brown at all! But I did rectify that and made a black Ziggy.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Ex customs dogs

Vibe and Dolly
"OMG... you have captured Dolly and Vibe perfectly! Thank you very much... "

Friday, 5 December 2008

In memory of Minty

"Oh WOW! Minty has arrived safely and he is just fantastic. I can't believe how well you captured his 'look'. He'd lie in that pose on the table out the back all day long. The markings are perfect."

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Tuesday, 2 December 2008